On Effortless Optimism

Today has turned out to be quite a wonderful day! Over the past weekend, I had some insecurities about my finances as I just found out that next month I’ll be docked 8 hours from work each week. I started my first day at my new job, which I love. The people are nice, the coworkers are friendly, and it’s not droning endlessly on menial tasks. I feel that the work I’m doing here is meaningful to some extent. I’m currently a desk staff for one of the departments at my college, and I am completely digging the atmosphere.

As for getting docked, I forgot that I’m getting a $1.75 raise, which almost makes up for the 8 hours lost. So, now working 24 hours a week, I’ll have enough time to devote time to my start-up, while making almost the same amount of money. Funny how things turn out surprisingly well in the moments of anxiety and adversity.


Good Day!

Hello there readers! This blog will serve as my new platform for discussing ideas I would normally ramble endlessly on about. I enjoy a multitude of topics that range from holistic healing, to energy work, and entrepreneurship. As a current college student, I have not been in a composition class for about a year now, and hope to expound on my own ideas, cite different articles on various topics, and give you something to learn or laugh about. Hope you enjoy!