On Effortless Optimism

Today has turned out to be quite a wonderful day! Over the past weekend, I had some insecurities about my finances as I just found out that next month I’ll be docked 8 hours from work each week. I started my first day at my new job, which I love. The people are nice, the coworkers are friendly, and it’s not droning endlessly on menial tasks. I feel that the work I’m doing here is meaningful to some extent. I’m currently a desk staff for one of the departments at my college, and I am completely digging the atmosphere.

As for getting docked, I forgot that I’m getting a $1.75 raise, which almost makes up for the 8 hours lost. So, now working 24 hours a week, I’ll have enough time to devote time to my start-up, while making almost the same amount of money. Funny how things turn out surprisingly well in the moments of anxiety and adversity.